I was studying sociology in Italy at Tufts when I discovered sculpture. I never looked back. I did ultimately get a BFA from Tufts and the Museum School. Subsequently,  I learned woodworking around Boston, working  first for Designer/Woodworker Charles Webb, and then for myself. I picked a lot of brains along the way.

Since 1975, I have done architectural millwork, custom furniture, and restoration for clients in Cambridge, Manhattan, Montreal, and New Hampshire. I work mostly in wood and metal, but also ceramic and stone.

For sculpture, I take my inspiration from my materials and from living things in the world around me. As for woodworking, I enjoy working with clients to meet their particular needs.

In the summer of 2022 I took on the part time role of facilities manager at Wonderwell Moutain Refuge, a Tibetan Buddhist teaching center not far from my home in NH.  It’s a great pleasure to be involved with a group of like minded people who care about things.  Their website is https://www.naturaldharma.org.


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