Bear in the Wood     Wilmot Town Library   Wilmot New Hampshire   June 3 – July 31/2022


These are all prints of much larger paintings in various media.  I resumed painting this year after several years of other distractions. My work has always been figurative even at its most abstract.  I’ve always worked both from what I see and from imagination and often combined the two.

The work here is mostly new and consists of subjects that have affected me strongly. and some new directions that I’m following. Recently, I have been moved to do more portraits, inspired by current events or people I have known.  I’m still processing my experiences in Peru, so I’ve turned to photos I took there for source material as well.

If I’m working from reality or a photo, I follow what moves me as much as what I see.  When I work from imagination, I also follow.  Images come to me and develop and tell me what they want, and I try to make it happen.



These are related works that I did this year,  There was no room in the library to show

everything but I will make prints of everything available for sale.  Check back for pricing

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